Skin Care Regime

80% of skin results are gained from what you do at home, these homecare steps are the base for your skin regime. For further steps and information please talk with your skin therapist. Skin regime specifically suited for dermavidual skin products although applies to any skin range.
This is the first and an essential step as it removes dirt, grime, sweat and make-up from the skin surface.
Dilute a suitable amount of cleanser with water, apply to the skin with damp fingers; massage in a circular motion; remove with a clean face cloth. If you have make-up on a second cleanse is recommended.
Soaking is a gentle way to hydrate the upper layers of your skin. The warmth also relaxes pores on the skin surface to increase absorption of actives to follow
Quarter fill your basin with warm water; add 3 drops of soaking drops to the water; immerse the soaking cloth into the water and drops; squeeze out excess water and apply the cloth to the whole face; hold for 10 seconds. Repeat this process 3 times.
Toner is the beginning of the active treatment products, used for hydration and specific conditions.
Toner can be applied to the skin either by spraying directly onto the skin and massaging in, or sprayed onto clean fingertips and applied to the skin, or applied to a cotton round and wiped over the skin.
Rolling – if required
Rolling is only done at night and is aimed to increase penetration of actives and stimulate minor collagen production regularly.
Divide the treatment area into sections; forehead, cheeks, nose, lip and chin. Using gentle pressure roll the roller in an upward direction once then in a downward direction once over all able skin in each section. Always roll more gently around delicate areas such as eyes and upper lip. Once the whole face is completed apply treatment serum, eye products and moisturiser.
Immediately after use clean the roller with hot water, shake and return to original packaging.
Intense Customised Serum(s)
A customised serum provides a potent and targeted delivery of pure and active ingredients to the skin, working on skin health or a specific condition or concern. Serums are customised so that they perfectly suited to your skin.
Place a small pump of the serum onto clean fingertips and apply to either directed areas or the whole face. The serum has 100% delivery to the skin cells and therefore a limited amount is required.
Eye Gel / Cream
This is designed for the delicate eye area where the skin is thinner and has no natural supply of lipids. The eye area is often the first place to show signs of ageing and dehydration.
An extremely small amount is required, applying under the eye areas and along the orbital bone and over the lids of the eye using your middle finger and limited pressure.
Moisturiser maintains the natural skin barrier, effectively aids in the prevention of ageing and ensures ultimate skin health.
Apply to the whole facial area and massage in a circular motion until completely absorbed.
DMS Vitamin Mask
This mask provides the skin with the essential vitamins for cellular function. These vitamins can stay active in the skin cells for up to 72 hours and therefore this mask is only required 1-3 times per week.
Apply to the skin at night 1-3 times per week instead of your base moisturiser. Massage in until absorbed, sleep with it on and remove in the morning. This mask is completely clear when absorbed.
Enzyme Exfoliant
This is used to soften the bindings that hold skin cells together. These will only soften when they are just about to desquamate (fall off). Exfoliation process is only recommended once a week maximum.
Apply a small amount to very damp skin, massage in to the skin, adding water to lubricate if required. Leave on the skin for 5 minutes and then remove with warm water and a clean face cloth.
Sunscreen is always the last product applied to the skin (other than make-up). It must be applied every day and is essential for protection from damaging UV rays.
Apply to the whole facial area including the neck and décolletage, prior to UV exposure. If swimming, sweating or in repeated UV exposure reapply every 2 hours.